In the world

bm2 is in the process of international expansion. It has therefore developed some strategic alliances with several companies from architectural and engineering sectors, which have specific specializations and proven experience. This allows it to complete its services range, allowing to increase its leads from both public and private customers.


It is fully established in Lima (Peru), where has founded the company “bm2 Peru, SAC” and develops projects related to residential and commercial uses.

Also bm2 is partner of “CN&N Progress” company, along with other architectural and engineering consultants to develop business and service activities in the Middle East, Morocco and other Latin America countries.

Companies with which bm2 has established partnerships are:

Demopolis Arquitectura e Ingenieria, represented by Antonio Lissen Ortega, company specialized in planning and landscape. www.demopolis.es


JMST Arquitectura + Ingenieria, represented by Arsenio Hueros Ayuso, company specialized in hospital use buildings. www.jmst.es


Unia Arquitectos, represented by Enrique Revuelta Romo, company specialized in educational use buildings. www.unia-arquitectos.com


CN&N Engineering, Consultancy & Architecture, represented by Nerea Liza Rios, company with extensive experience in large international projects. www.cnnengineering.com



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