Our team works in the field of traditional architecture and engineering, developing projects for different uses, such as: housing, commercial, hotels, offices or industries. bm2studio has established itself over the years as an office capable of developing any type of project, with high quality standards from the very initial design stages.

bm2studio can also coordinate the whole process of construction: appraisals, strategic brief, outline, detailed and final proposals, product informations, tender and action documents, and site operations. It has the proper professional staff to provide project management services, and specifically, any of the tasks of masterplanners, infrastructure consultants, architects, and structure-MEP-telecom-cost consultants.


As a Spanish specialized company in sport architecture, engineering and consulting, bm2sport has been involved in planning, design and construction of all kinds of facilities during the last 15 years, also providing consulting services related to sports management and becoming a national reference in these areas. Its permanent presence in all national sports forums accredits it as such.

The company focuses its efforts on establishing and bringing together a group of clients specifically interested in sport facilities, maintaining an outstanding competitive role in development and construction management.

bm2sport has also:

– Received Master Degree in Sports Management from University of Granada.
– Been invited by different entities to give keynote presentations at conferences and workshops on sport facilities.
– Become active member of FAGDE (Spanish Fedaration of Sport Managers) and AGESPORT (Andalusian Association of Sport Managers).
– Acted as deputy editors of the sports architectural section of the magazine “aDg, Andalucía Deporte y Gestión”, edited by AGESPORT.

bm2sport has actively worked in this area with “Sánchez Carrero Arquitectos“, architectural office led by José Manuel Sánchez-Carrero León.


Our professionals provide a comprehensive service, with a general overview of all construction processes, including license acquisitions, study and advice on construction company proposals, construction management, building inspection reports or any other expert opinion that is required.

In connection with competitions, bm2solutions has taken part in many tender studies, acting as qualified jury, and advising in specifications development.

Moreover, the team has performed full feasibility studies related to sport facilities or building promotions, and can advise investors or developers to establish their business under the best possible conditions.


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